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Download Nepali – Grade 10 / Class 10 Textbook / Book

As you might be aware, there are not any private publications which publish compulsory Nepali and compulsory English. These textbooks are only published by the the agency commissioned by the curriculum development centre and/or government. Private publications might publish some reference books on language and writing, but not the course book. Hence, we have kept the link that contains authentically placed PDF file of grade 10 compulsory Nepali textbook that can be downloaded.

We might find ourselves at our best comfort to be able to read the paper-versions of the textbooks. Even better news has been coming – the government had earlier decided to make all textbooks till grade 10 (or 12) colourful. This year, they have decided to make those freely available. So, public education system of Nepal has shown some signs of being efficient and performative. However, COVID19 pandemic has hit us hard. Meanwhile, please download the textbooks available authentically in the official websites (or here, as we have just kept the link ! You get to download from their link which we have kept here for your convenience.) and continue learning and teaching. Please help others as well ! Ubuntu philosophy assumes I as integral part of We and We as integral part of I.

You might be interested to read / download the textbooks and/or other resources for grade 10. Please click here to follow the currently available resources.{alertInfo}

Nepali Textbook / Book - Grade 10 / Class 10


Grade: 10 (X)
Publisher: CDC
Year: 2074 BS
Author(s): S. Tripathi, D.P. Subedi, R.P. Gyawali
Link(s): Link 1 , Link 2 , Link 3

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