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Download PDF Hamro Serofero Grade 3 Book | Hamro Serofero Class 3 Textbook 2078 BS

Hamro Serofero has been a textbook introduced in grades 1, 2 and 3 as integrated curriculum mostly including natural science, social science, emotional and moral aspects, creative art, and ICT. 

Earlier, CDC had announced that the nationwide implementation of new integrated curriculum will be done phasewise – starting from grade 1. If your school had been looking for the textbooks of the new (pilot phase and approved ones) integrated curriculum, the most upto date information is provided in the online library of CDC itself. Recently, 2078 edition of Hamro Serofero – grade 3 has been launched. However, we have noticed that the CDC server remains largely unresponsible at high traffic events. At such situation OLE-Nepal’s E-Pustakalaya comes into use. 

We hereby share the same link (see the link below) to download the PDF file of Hamro Serofero – Grade 3. 

Server 1

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Server 2

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You might also want to download the new curriculum of basic school grade 1 – 3. Please find the curriculum below. 

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You may also want to involve with your ward who studies in grade 3 with home-based learning activities that would support your child’s development. Please click on the link below to get the material (PDF file).

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You might want to download Hamro Serofero Books for grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3:

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