Dear readers /  teachers / students / guardians, please be informed that our approach on posting the series of blogs with links for downloading the textbooks, curriculum, self-practice books, and other teaching learning resources is meant to help many teachers to access and use the internet resources that would otherwise idly remain in the databases. Some resources are kept in multiple servers and teachers might feel waste of time and energy while waiting the main server to respond well.

To our knowledge, textbooks, curriculum, lecture and activities videos, radio programmes are kept authentically in the websites of CDC, OLE Nepal’s E-Pustakalaya, CEHRD, Facebook Page of Open and Distance Learning Nepal and Youtube Channel of NCED.

In our blogs, we will channel your specific query to the right link found over the internet. We have also found that some other individuals and institutions have kept the resources in their own Google Drives. In our case, we will also try to keep eye on any updates on the curriculum and the resources. So far, we are confident enough on this matter. If there is some updates as revisions of educational resources and the curriculum itself and users download the same old material kept in unauthentic Google Drives, the users end up deceived by those who keep in illegitimate drives or servers.

As per our promise, please get the authentic links of authentic resources so that you will be able to download the PDF versions of the Textbook, Curriculum and Self-Learning Practice Book around Mero Ganit (My Mathematics) – 2078 edition of Grade 2 of Basic School Curriculum of Nepal.

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