Download PDF – Mero Nepali (मेरो नेपाली) – Grade 2 (Class 2) Textbook, New Curriculum 2078 BS and Self-Practice Book

Before marching forward into this blog, we would like to request our valued readers – Whether you are a teacher, student or a guardian to provide the link to authentic source where we can find the PDF file of grade 2 My English.

Now, in the context of this blog, we have put the links of textbook of Mero Nepali (मेरो नेपाली) – Grade 2 (Class 2), new 2078 BS curriculum that is being implemented in grades 1,2 and 3 nationwide in Nepal, and a self-practice book that can be used at homes. To work with the self-practice book, a ward might need the guidance of guardian or parent at home.

Please follow the link below to download the textbook of Grade 2 – Mero Nepali in PDF format.

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Click the link below download the new curriculum of basic school (grade 1 – 3). Please find the curriculum below. 

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You may also want to provide a practice book to your ward in grade 2. The practice book contains home-based learning activities that would support your child’s development. Please click on the link below to get the material (PDF file).
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You may also download these Nepali textbooks-

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