Dear school managers,

First of all, we would like to inform you that we have shared this XLSX (Excel) file as we have obtained over the internet. The final responsibility of adhering this file format with the ‘SEE Evaluation Procedural Regulations 2078 BS’ (Kaaryavidhi) will rely ultimately on you. 

With this file, you will have convenience in recording the SEE Evaluation (both formative and summative) and reporting the same to the concerned authorities. The file also needs Nepali fonts installed in your computer. Hence, be sure that your school’s work-computer has number of standard Nepali fonts installed.

Most efficiently, you can do the process as mmentioned in this guide.

You can download the file here. It comes as Google Spreadsheet file in Google Drive which can be downloaded. We have embedded the same file below.

Whilre reporting to the concerned authorities, pleaseĀ  write that the academic year was 2077 BS though the Kaaryavidhi came in 2078 BS and you are reporting in 2078 BS. This file also can be used by Sanskrit stream and Technical stream schools.

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