You might be looking for updated 2079 curriculum and textbook of Class 9 Social Studies of Nepal.

We should be grateful to the generosity and round-the-clock works performed by the people in Nepalese academia. Now, many resources are being available to support the students’ learning.

The textbooks, self-learning resources, Youtube video lectures, radio programmes, Radio lectures posted in social media, TV education programmes and many have been the approaches that attempt to reach the stay-home students.

As the matter of concern of this blog, we are hereby channeling your thirst of textbooks / books of Social Studies of grade 9 (class IX) to the relevant sources.

The sources are the authentic ones as initiated by the CDC and the private publishers themselves. Our role has been to make it convenient for the teachers and students to get the right links to get the textbooks without having to waste the precious time searching for these.

Grade 9 Social Studies

Grade 9 Social Studies (Alternative Link)

Grade 9 Social Studies Specification Grid

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  1. Please put the nepali curriculum of 2079class 9 of guinness publication with solutions of all answer question.It helps to do our study faster,easier and smarter.So,you should listen my idea and make our study easier and smarter.I hope you will listen me.
    Thank you……..
    Student of Vatsalya Vidya Niketan.

  2. समाजमा साझा उद्देश्य हुन्छ । यो वाक्यको आशय के हो ?