Now you can download the Free PDF of Class 10 English Book and Teacher’s Guide from CDC Nepal.

Private publications have not yet been commissioned to publish the textbooks of compulsory Nepali and compulsory English. These textbooks have been solely published by the institution commissioned by the curriculum development centre and/or government. Private publications might publish some reference books on language and writing, but not the textbook on these languages. Below, we have shared the links that contain authentically placed PDF file of grade 10 compulsory English textbook and teacher’s guide / teacher’s manual that can be downloaded.

English Grade 10 Textbook | Download FREE PDF Class 10 English 


Grade: 10 (X)
Publisher: CDC
Year: 2023
Link(s): Link 1

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  1. Can’t we get this text book in PDF which we can copy and use to make power point slide and question paper? This version can’t be copied.

  2. our English text does not reflects our grassroots level of sentiments and is not inclusive .so kindly revisit on this matters.