We are gradually compiling and developing educational resources for Grade 8 English (new syllabus 2080 BS).

We will keep our pages updated with new educational resources as they are made available to us. Meanwhile, we also welcome teachers to work with us.

Please find these resources for Grade 8 English (textbook, teacher’s guide, audio files for listening, model questions, notes etc.)

Grade 8 English has key components of ELT (reading, speaking, listening, grammar, writing, and project work) evenly distributed across 19 units listed below in the table.

1A Tour to Central Zoo: Timetable + A Request Letter
2A Father’s Letter to his Son + Poem: Changing World
3Public Announcements + How to Wash Clothes in a Washing Machine
4A Memoir: A Visit to Mustang + A Diary Entry
5The Old Woman and the Lime Tree + Poem: Free Birds
6Traditional Customs around the World + Life Saving Inventions
7Weather Forecast + Migration
8Having Fun + Historical Inventions
9The Leap between High School and College + Smartphones in our Life
10Vacancy Announcement + Invitation
11Sir Isaac Newton + Khaptad National Park
12Nepal’s Bird Man + Poem: My Teacher Ate my Homework
13Nepal is the First Country to Double its Tiger Population + Drama: A Mousetrap
14The Magic Mirror + Poem: If I was a Superhero
15Conservation of Earth + An Official Notice
16An Anecdote: Why I Became a Vegan? + A History of Pens
17Naresh and the Stranger + Poem: From a Railway Carriage
18Road Accidents in Nepal: Are Poor Roads Solely to Blame? + Poem: Long Life
19A Tale of Two Birds + News Report: Pokhara International Airport Inaugurated
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  1. The textbook of grade 8 ENGLISH in pdf file doesn’t have all pages. It’s incomplete version, actually around 17 pages in the middle are missing. I want you to take this message to the concerned authority.
    Please help me with this.