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Oasis Publication has provided free e-books in their website. Textbooks of pre-primary grades, english, nepali, compulsory mathematics, science, optional mathematics, occupation business and technology education (OBTE), social studies, health and physical education, health hopulation and environment education, science, life skills, computer of grade 1 to grade 10, are available. Those ebooks are found in flipbook version. If your school has adopted their publications or not, you can make use of the ebooks available in their website.

It seems to me that the students can later get the paper versions of the book as soon as they can visit the market, or the market comes to delivery – depending on the epidemiological situation. The ebooks provided in their website will definitely help to begin the academic journey smoothly.

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It should be a wise decision to contact the respective publications if you are not sure about legal consequences of downloading their e-books.

Please access their website where e-books of Grade 1 to Grade 10 and other grades are available for certain subjects. Use the top menu and click the drop-down menu placeholder called ‘e-books‘. Click here to access their website.

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