Well, We have an older blog on the same topic in our website that was published in 2016. Much time has passed after that, and we have still been through, and still badly confronting, the global pandemic of COVID19. Curriculum of school education and the higher education has been changing in years. New textbooks, reference materials, videos, audios, and old textbooks have been regularly updated in OLE Nepal’s E-Pustakalaya. 

As the academic year of 2077 is coming to the end and another academic year of 2078 is starting in a couple of weeks, we have been getting enormous requests for providing Free Textbooks as PDF files. Few private publishers have provided samples of the textbooks (while most of them have provided only few pages) in their websites, we have been trying to provide the information about them in our blogs. 

However, we encourage the teachers and students to follow the textbooks published by ‘Curriculum Development Center (CDC)’ itself. As the matter of concern, the website of CDC has been responding very badly. We have alternative, many people have kept the same files in Google Drives, or in the Apps of Android or IOS devices. The best alternative is to use the website of OLE Nepal’s E-Pustakalaya and download the CDC-published textbooks in Nepali Medium, or in English medium – the choice is yours.

The website also contains videos that have been developed by various institutions like British Council. The resources are based as per the curriculum of Nepalese schools (Grade 1 to Grade 12). Surprisingly, you can also find the reading materials for pre-primary kids higher education as well. My Child uses the section called ‘Bal Paathmala’ – it basically comprises colorful comics and storybooks.

The materials kept in OLE Nepal’s resources, to my knowledge, are legally (and more particularly – generously) provided for the noble cause. If it is downloadable, you are not doing anything illegal.

Over the years, OLE Nepal’s E-pustakalaya has become one of the largest free reading resource in Nepal. Thank you OLE Nepal ! Website of E-pustakalaya is www.pustakalaya.org. Recently, they have also developed an app available on Google Play (for devices using Android OS).

We will try to keep link of individual textbooks, only for school curriculum of Nepal. You might be interested in following topics:

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