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Grade 1 (Class 1) New Curriculum Textbooks and Resources for Free !

It is widely being reported that the private schools in Nepal have been still following the old form of curriculum which has been proved as enormous burden (also with countless number of textbooks and notebooks) and sometimes a failure to young aged school kids of around 5 years in grade 1. This is also because of approval of various books as relevant educational materials by the CDC. For grade 1, separate textbooks on the subjects like computer, English grammar, Nepali grammar, science, health and physical education are not mandatory but still considered by the private publications. While, we believe that the integrated curriculum works best with a prepared teacher, we have space to debate on.

As per the new curriculum for grade 1, it must cover subjects like Nepali, English, Maths, Science, Health and Physical Education, Social Studies, Character Development, Creative Art, Local Curriculum / Mother-Tongue. We already know that the public schools (technically known as community schools in Nepal) will follow CDC’s updated curriculum, but we can easily doubt because of the nexus between the private schools and private publishers who might be reluctant to update themselves with rapidly evolving curriculum of school education of Nepal. 

This new curriculum hints some component of ICT education in textbooks like ‘Mero Serofero’. However, a old-fashioned Computer textbook approved by CDC for first grades encourages the private schools to opt for the textbooks from the private publishers. While private schools continue the old-fashioned separate textbooks for each learning domain, there can disparity in learning styles and typologies of private versus public schools. Space for collaboration, cooperation and constructive development remains in shadow. Some schools have been introducing foreign languages like Mandarin, German, French etc to pupils of very early grades. While the CDC has approved language of mother tongue as alternative for local curriculum, we do not see any foreign language than English as approved language learning as school curriculum for 1st year kids of Nepal.

Keeping the burden aspect and implementing the integrated curriculum throughout the school aged kids, government has been implementing new curriculum phase-wise.

In 2077 BS, grade 1 (class one) got a new curriculum, where 4 subjects have been compulsory – Nepali, English, Maths, Hamro Serofero – essentially a good combination of environment (nature, society, family, moral aspects, emotional aspects, art, physical education, ICT).

The paper versions of the textbooks will be printed, and distributed (for FREE – sources say !) to students of community schools. Students in private schools might have to pay nominal price for the printed textbooks. Wonderful things about the new curriculum are – being planned as integrated curriculum [providing school (or regional/local) autonomy for the local curriculum and language of other tongue], printed in colour, and being distributed for free !

While the schools are preparing themselves for the new academic year from Mid June 2021, grade 1 teachers might find themselves lost somewhere regarding the uncertainty of textbooks, core curriculum itself, and local curriculum / language of mother tongue. To plan a local curriculum / or that of language of mother tongue, needs a multi stakeholder planning keeping the curriculum experts at the core. Otherwise, this blog might help guiding the grade 1 teachers across Nepal.

Please find the download links for textbooks, teacher guides and grade 1-3 curriculum in PDF files. We have kept the links provided in websites of CDC / OLE Nepal’s E-Pustakalaya for your convenience.

My English (Textbook)

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My English (Teacher Guide)

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 Maths (Mero Ganit Textbook)

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 Maths (Mero Ganit Teacher Guide)

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Mero Nepali (Textbook)

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Mero Nepali (Teacher Guide)

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Hamro Serofero (Textbook)

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Hamro Serofero (Teacher Guide)

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Curriculum of Grade 1-3

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Home-Practice Book (To be used under Guardian’s Support)

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