We are here with new updated resources for Grade 5 English.

For now, we have got a PDF file of Class 5 English textbook.

We are shortly planning to include the following resources for Grade 5 English:

  1. textbook,
  2. audio files for listening,
  3. model questions and solutions,
  4. selected notes, and
  5. teachers’ guide

The syllabus signifies even distribution of reading, speaking, listening, grammar, and writing across 17 units listed in the table below.

1Meeting People
3Getting Information
4Requesting and Apologising
5Thanking and Congratulating
6Talking about Quantity
7Making Comparisons
9Facts and Truths
10Instruction and Directions
11Narrating Past Events
12Giving Reasons
13People and Places
14Our Likes and Dislikes
15Expressing Ability
16Agreeing and Disagreeing
17Future Plans

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