We are here with new updated resources for Grade 5 Health Education, Physical Education, and Creative Arts. Creative Arts (CA) has been recently integrated with Health and Physical Education (HPE). Hence, teachers in Nepal have been popularly terming this subject as HPE & CA.

For now, we have got a PDF file of Class 5 HPE and CA in Nepali medium.

  1. textbook in Nepali medium,
  2. textbooks in English medium,
  3. model questions and solutions,
  4. selected notes, and
  5. teachers’ guide

Please visit the respective posts if you have landed on this page looking for Grade 5 Science and Technology and/or Grade 5 Social Studies and Human Value Education.

The syllabus of Grade 5 HPE & CA consists of 13 units as listed below in the table.

1Personal Hygiene
2Environmental Sanitation
3Food and Nutrition
4Diseases, Smoking, and Taking Alcohol
5Safety and First Aid
6Drills and Physical Exercise
7Athletics and Gymnastic
8Simple, Local, and Ball Games
10Drawing and Colour
11Printmaking, Clay Works, and Weaving
12Singing and Musical Instruments
13Dance and Acting

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