Grade 6 English New Book 2078 BS | Class 6 English Textbook PDF Download

This blog has been a part of our effort in channeling your enthusiasm (both students and teachers) up with the ever changing curriculum of Nepalese school education (K-12). We have also been urging teachers to come up with blogs, articles, lesson plans, teaching and learning resources, ideas, experiences, opinions – as we follow the Ubuntu philosophy – I as We and We as I.

In the context of textbook sharing, CDC, CEHRD and OLE-Nepal’s E-Pustakalaya have been keeping the various learning resources in their websites so that these help the school students and students of higher institutions get help from the resources available in the internet. CDC has recently changed and implemented the new curriculum of grade 6 at the schools in Nepal that follow the national curriculum. We have hence tried to provide link (please see below) of such resources in our website – here Textbook of Grade 6 / Class 6 – English (2078 BS).

English (New 2078 Textbook – 4.66 mb)

Download PDF

English (Teacher Guide – will be updated soon)

Download PDF

Basic Education Curriculum of Grade 6-8

Download PDF

You might be interested to involve with your 6th grader with home-based activity book. Please download the home-activity book by clicking on the link below.

Download PDF

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