Hamro Serofero – Grade 2 / Class 2 (हाम्रो सेरोफेरो – कक्षा २) has been a textbook gradually introduced in grades 1, 2 and 3 as integrated curriculum (download the PDF file below) mostly including natural science, social science, emotional and moral aspects, creative art, physical education, technology, management and ICT. 

Besides this main textbooks, grade 2 students need to learn Nepali, English, Mathematics and a Local Curriculum as major subjects. Schools can also launch CDC – approved textbooks as extra teaching materials. 

However, considering the extra burden, it would be wise decision to implement the new integrated curriculum rather efficiently and effectively. Schools are requested to keep extra textbooks and materials as in-classroom library that can be used by the students and the teachers themselves. 

We have imagined great things in textbook-based and in-classroom learning environment. Ironically, laughing at our own commitments, we have also seen the condition of classrooms dilapidated by the returnee migrant workers in Nepal who used the classrooms as quarantine spaces. Hence, effectiveness and efficiency of implementing the new integrated curriculum depends on the management skills of the teachers and the school community. Especially, teachers and the head-teachers have to work hard. 

We hope that the teachers and head teachers in the pilot schools where this new curriculum had been implemented did their best of the action researches and provided the feedback and eventually CDC has approved the curriculum in 2078 BS as promised in earlier plans. 

We hereby share the authentic links (see the links below) so that you can download  the PDF file of Hamro Serofero – Grade 2 2078 BS.

Please click on the link below to get the self-practice material (PDF file) for wards of grade 2. You, as parent / guardian need to guide them in using this practice-book.

Download Practice-Book (Grade 2) in PDF

You might want to download Hamro Serofero Books for grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3:

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