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How to learn online with NCED Virtual video lectures during COVID-19 lockdown

Nepal has been under lock down since end of March 2020 as a preventive strategy for preventing the spread of novel corona virus inside the country. While writing this article, the lockdown measures have already been eased to the extent that virtually all activities are now allowed with precaution that ensures non-transmission of virus from person to person. However, the institutions of providing education can not open doors to the students for indoor teaching and learning activities. The public transportation has been also under halt nationwide.

However, the government has been offering education to school students (grade one to ten for now) through various means. Not only the central government; local governments, schools themselves, community learning centers, and association of schools have been offering help from their sides. Now the ball is in the court of guardians and students themselves to utilise the opportunities. We know that many students have been finding difficulty in accessing these opportunities doe to confusion, lack of access to TVs, radios, PCs, internet and so on. There is problem of not knowing how to proceed with such alien approach of teaching and learning. The problems of students with special needs have been multiplied by such unprecedented situation brought about by COVID19 crisis. We will be gradually  disseminating to our readers as we come to know about any approach to facilitate teaching-learning during the COVID19 crisis.

National Center for Educational Development (NCED) of Nepal has been offering video lectures for school students (grade 1 to 10 for now) in its Youtube Channel.

Please click here to access the NCED Virtual Youtube Channel for accessing video lectures for school students (grade 1 to 10 for now) of Nepal. You also need to get textbooks printed by agencies allocated by Government of Nepal. If your wards are able to get the physical books from their respective schools, that is the most perfect solution. However, you can also download the books by using the website of Curriculum Development Centre. Please follow this article (click here) to learn how to download the textbooks.

NOTE: Language of instruction of most of the video  lectures by NCED is Nepali. If you want your ward to follow lectures in English medium, you can follow the Distance Education by PABSON (Association of Private and Boarding Schools of Nepal). Please click here to learn about PABSON’s Distance Education on TV, and Youtube.

You might be interested in other approaches of alternative classes to school students of Nepal. Please click here to know more about those through selection of articles from us.

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