Baudeshwor Waterfall – Qrystal45, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Jhor Waterfall has been increasingly becoming one of the most popular city-break to many nature lover people in Kathmandu. Located in a juncture between Jhor Village and Sangla Village, the waterfall area also has a cave of religious importance. The cave popularly called as Baudeshwor cave (Baudeshwor Gufa) is believed to be habitated by Lord Shiva – locally known as Baudeshwor Mahadev.

Jhor Waterfall is actually a popular name given by Kathmanduites. Coming close to reality, one should call it with names like Baudeshwor Jharana or Baudeshwor Waterfall. This waterfall and cave complex seems to lie in a very instable rocky landscape. However, devotees and water lovers have been paying the visits (and revisits) to this place since the antiquity.

The local government that governs this area is ward number 1 of Tokha Municipality. More recently, Tokha Municipality has completed constructing a multi-facility children’s park in this area. Hopefully, they will start the park as fully operating park for local kids and kids who visit the area.

Though the municipality has ‘Master Plan’ to develop the area as one of the best picnic spots of Kathmandu, the available spots for picnic can be lesser than expected. However, this place is a must-go place in Kathmandu. You might make a family picnic or perhaps a school picnic.

How to get to Jhor Waterfall / Baudeshwor Cave

Visiting Jhor Waterfall and Baudeshwor Cave complex using public transportation is a super easy thing. Wherever in Kathmandu valley or nearby towns are you located, you must come to Samakhusi Chowk of Ring Road that is located in the northern section of Ring Road of Kathmandu valley. The public buses to Jhor village leaves Samakhusi Chowk in a matter of few minutes. 

If you say that you are dropping off at Baudeshwor Jharana, the bus conductor drops you off nearby the waterfall area. Even at the bus stop, the natural ambience around gives you a divine experience. Um, the Baudeshwor Mahadev and Waterfall complex is downhill to your left. Then you have to use staircases downhill to go to the waterfall. The walk is a matter of about 10 minutes. Then the mesmerizing Baudeshwor Jharana and Cave complex is to the right

The Children’s Park that I mentioned earlier in this blog is further down following the same staircase.

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