Kathmandu Metropolitan City: Grade 8 Evaluation to be done internally

Kathmandu Metropolitan city has asked the schools within the jurisdiction of the municipality to provide the internal evaluation marks for the individual students of grade 8 of each schools.

The notice issues by the municipality has asked the schools to update the marks using the online  system at kmcdoe.org by 2078/2/25 BS. 

The notice has stated that the decision has been made to address the concerns of everybody who had been questioning the implication of physical gathering of students for paper examinations amidst the current surge of COVID19 with much transmissible variant of the novel corona virus.

The schools are requested to provide the marks (100 %) with the following breakdown for individual subjects:

40 percent from first terminal- and second terminal examinations that had been conducted physically, 40 percent from continuous internal assessments during the delivery of the lessons, and 20 percent from alternative means that suits school and students.

It remains however unclear how the remaining 20 percent evaluations are conducted by the individual schools. However, it might not be against the concerns of public health if the schools conduct phone exams, online exams, or take-home papers following the safety protocols regarding COVID19.

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