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For me, a teacher is the leader who is equally courageous, intelligent and supportive and who devotes his entire life, energy, skills and knowledge for the betterment of his students helping them face life in their first hand experience by teaching them skills and lessons. Since the first day of school, the teacher takes over the responsibilities of guiding each student and making him able to cope with every challenge and opportunity that is in front of him successfully. It is the teacher who inculcates better ideas and knowledge in those tiny little minds and helps them to proceed further in their life. At school, a teacher exhibits high leadership qualities. The teacher is ever giving, loving, caring and encouraging to his children. Furthermore, the teacher does not only focus on academically bright students but also to them who fail and makes sure that they progress the next time. No matter whether a student is at the top rank of the class or at the bottom, teacher is supposed to treat each student equally and justly. Moreover, honest dealings, predictable reactions, well-controlled emotions and an absence of tantrums and harsh outbursts are qualities which signify a teacher as a leader.
Furthermore, a teacher sets up an example in the society encouraging others to follow him. He always invokes for cooperation and understanding among the people. Mostly, he leads various social and community activities exhibiting immense leadership power. Teacher is the change maker of the society who believes in making change. Teacher is not only change maker but also catalyst to go ahead in positive direction with strong commitments in secure and bold guts. Be it in a classroom or a school or a community, a teacher mostly makes changes as per the demand of people and time. Teacher gets outside of the box that constrains solutions and thinks differently thereby pushing the whole team forward whether he is in department meeting or school’s round table discussion or community’s development forum.
A teacher is a resource provider, curriculum specialist and instructional specialist to provide knowledge and its resources like to give learning materials or websites or reference books. Curriculum formation is done by expertise but ultimately teacher is in the center role model to apply this curriculum by using effective teaching methodologies and resources. Curriculum defines the objective of certain units and subject where instructional methods are not clearly explained to be done by teacher according to classroom situation, students’ interest, nature of subject matter and so on.
We teachers are learning facilitators and mentor who are producing new generation as a capable and strong product to face challenges in the society, school and classroom from difficulties. We know, role of a teacher is not only teaching but also try to learn from every situation. Being a school leader means serving on a committee, such as a school improvement team; acting as a grade-level or department chair; supporting school initiatives; or representing the school on community or district task forces or committees. A school leader shares the vision of the school, aligns his or her professional goals with those of the school and district, and shares responsibility for the success of the school as a whole. Moreover, testing the students’ learning and ranking them according to their hierarchal learning outcomes is also main job of a teacher, for that, teacher should have adequate information of data analysis.
The characteristics of a teacher as a leader which are discussed above mainly focused on three dimensions that leader in classroom, institution and nation. Teacher leadership in traditional role has been seen as a principal, department head, chairman, etc. but present view on it is that a teacher has the role of mentor, team leader, curriculum developer, etc. which is also advance role. Nevertheless, leader of educational change and the rising information on teacher leadership designate that the characteristics of these individuals are parallel to those of leaders who have changed other organizations. Leaders of educational change have vision; cultivate a shared vision, and value human resources.
I was a mathematics teacher and department head of mathematics in Tilingatar Higher Secondary School, Dhapasi,Kathmandu where I fully used my qualities inside as well as outside the classroom. I had established mathematics Lab which was taken as astonishing matter in Tilingatar school that time. I took initiation to keep one mathematics experimental stall in school day which is now in tradition where every year students show their creation from mathematical eyes. Mathematics is taken dry and boring subject in school level in Nepal, one the most significant reason is lack of instructional method according to psychological growth in children and use of lecture way.

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