Learning process starts from teacher

I am very sure about the learning process begins from teacher.I used to live in mamaghar which was in remote part of jhapa and i studied there throughout my childhood.I remember my mam teaching me to write by catching my fingers A, B, C and all. But when i moved into  further classes those hands were not there, the mam is not here at all. I miss her always because she taught me to write, read and learn, but after than it was like in  nightmare i got so many scolds, piles of homework’s. I was supposed to be silent, the errors won’t get any supportive hands like of mams but rather hitting from bamboo sticks. My life began quite miserable then after i was not asked to learn things around me  by may parents and teacher but rather sit in front of books and get prepared for exams. The life started deteriorating gradually and i was consistently being nibble in mathematics, back to back failures, but i never knew what was the reason. As i was a kid then, i had a cycle and the school was 5km far from home, every single day i had to cross river. We had bamboo bridge over the river and sometimes in year the flood would take it away. I had to carry my cycle and go school, one thing for sure was i never wanted to go school to study but i wanted to rear goats in the bank of the river of kishne river nearby my mamaghar. I was really interested to go with those fellows and roam around, catch fishes, kill birds, eat wild roots. I was not interested to go to school but my fortune was that my mama was the teacher in my same school. Sometimes i used compass to puncture the cycle and return back home, sometimes i used to fall down in dirty water to get a reason to not to go school. My teacher always encouraged me and repeatedly told me to study, but they didn’t knew that i was learning from the environment there.I  was repeatedly invited to the principal office and punished and published as a bad member of school. The important thing behind all that is i have learnt allot of things from there which my lots of fellows don’t know and never saw in their life. It is because i have seen a life in remote and metro very closely and i can distinguish the difference.I am not able to find such a inspiring teacher yet from whom i learnt how to live my life, but the teacher to me was the river, forest, river banks, those fishes, cattle rearers, those flat lands, small markets and a beautiful village. I never opened a book  the way i learnt was listening to my teacher. I can bet that there are few students who read without following teacher by themselves,I was not among them  but i am still very happy.

I used to follow my teacher as per my parents order but i was never deeply interested. So i was never first and notable students to teacher, but being a teacher i want to give all things to my students that i  never got from anyone. I have learnt that learning process starts from teacher. Yet, i am striving to find a good teacher whom i could understand well and could understand me. But in recent days i have come through a raw realization  that it could be my life and this mother nature who are students and teacher consequetively. I am sorry if any thing here is quite misleading, its just a personal experience not the generalization.

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