Teachers of young toddlers or parents / caretakers of the same age group must be pleased to find the free downloadable and printable PDF books and worksheets for class LKG students. These resources have been published by Abhyas Nepal in Book 1 and Book 2 series. These PDF book and worksheets in a workbook will be a handy resource to teachers and young learners of LKG classes, pre-schools, montessori schools and ECD classes conducted throughout the country.

We discovered that the publishers have kept only the Book 1 of the LKG series in their web space to download. They should have marketed the paper versions of the books of these series through the book shops and/or stationery stores across the country. Just check with your nearest store.

Download Nepali and English PDF Books and Worksheets for LKG

Please use the boxes below to find the details of the combined english and nepali book, and worksheets of Nepali and English for LKG; and to download them in PDF versions.

Please comment below if any of these links do not provide the required resources.

Nepali and English Book - LKG

English and Nepali Book – 1

Grade: LKG
Publisher: Abhyas Nepal
Year: 2077 BS
Author(s): Archana B., Bina S., Leena S.
Link: Website , PDF

Nepali and English WorkBook - LKG

English and Nepali Worksheets Book – 1

Grade: LKG
Publisher: Abhyas Nepal
Size: 4.91 mb
Link: Website , PDF

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