Mero Ganit (My Mathematics) – Grade 1 / Class 1 (One) Textbook and Teacher’s Guide

We have been exclusively following the new curriculum launched by CDC in Nepali school. This is because we wish to motivate ourselves and teachers who visit our website be actively constructive in planning and implementing the developed curriculum. We also wish to remain actively providing feedback and critics to the existing curriculum or the curriculum in piloting phase.

Regarding the new curriculum of grade 1 / class 1, it has been launched year to be implemented throughout the country. However, there is little misunderstanding. The CDC has published 4 major textbooks – My English, Mero Nepali, Mero Ganit and Hamro SeroFero as an approach of integrated curriculum. Few textbooks on mother tongue language have also been produced. Development of Local Curriculum and/or Mother Tongue language learning can be done my the local education agencies as well. However, the domain based textbooks from the private publishers have also been approved. There is little confusion – whether the integrated curriculum is mandatory, or the domain based curriculum is obsolete. Also, if the local bodies and the schools can not develop local curriculum / or the curriculum of mother tongue language learning, what other alternatives do they have?

We can engage in constructive discussion. Please do comment below. For now, let us provide links of Mero Ganit (My Mathematics) – grade 1 / Class 1 (One) textbook and teacher’s guide located in E-Pustakalaya. Additionally, please find the curriculum of grade 1-3 below. 

 Maths (Mero Ganit Textbook)

Download PDF (11.5 mb)

 Maths (Mero Ganit Textbook – Alternative Server)

Download PDF (11.5 mb)

 Maths (Mero Ganit Teacher Guide)

Download PDF (4 mb

Curriculum of Grade 1-3

Download PDF (1.9 mb)

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