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Mero Nepali Grade 4 | Download Book / Textbook, Teacher’s Guide and Curriculum


This Nepali textbook was published in 2074 BS and is still being used at grade 4 / class 4 of schools of Nepal upon the direction of the curriculum development centre. We will also be putting the links and/or flipbooks of Nepali textbooks of private publications here in our website if they provide.

For now please follow the link below to download Mero Nepali textbook of Grade 4 / Class 4 in PDF format.

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Additionally, you might want to get your ward of grade 4 engaged in academic practice at home. Please click the download button below to get the Self-practice / Home-practice book for the 4th graders of Nepal.

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You might also want to download the basic education trial curriculum of grades 4. Please follow the download button below to  get the PDF file as national basic education trial curriculum of grades 4-5 of school education of Nepal. In essence, the new curriculum will have subjects like Nepali, English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies and Value Education, Health- and Physical Education and Creative Arts.

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For your convenience, we have also embedded the new trial curriculum  below.

You may also want to download these Nepali textbooks-

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