Moral Education Grade 8 Textbooks | Naitik Shiksha Class 8 Book PDF Download

Moral Education has been the newly introduced subject for primary grades and more specifically the middle school, together called as elementary / basic school in Nepal. We have tried to provide information on finding the CDC provided textbooks in soft copies to help teachers and students access the resources during the COVID19 pandemic.

Please use the button below to download the PDF files of Moral Education – Grade 8 (Nepali and English medium). We have kept the link of OLE Nepal’s E-Pustakalaya for your convenience. CDC has generously provided the soft copies of the textbooks, teacher guides, and other resources to OLE Nepal’s E-Pustakalaya which can be used by teachers and students across Nepal for teaching-learning purposes.

Download the Textbook – Nepali medium – Grade 8 (14.21 mb)

Download the Textbook – English medium – Grade 8 (0.9 mb)

You might be interested to read / download the textbooks and/or other resources for grade 8. Please click here to follow the currently available resources.

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