My Experience In Natural Resources Lesson

I am Yubaraj Adhikari, Principal and science/ environmental science teacher at Durga Bhawani Adarsha Community Lower secondary School, Kaski. I hereby share my experience of the project of first SEC-2070, writing this photo blog.

Students exposing the figure of Natural Resources. Each pupil had prepared  at least one  figure of Natural Resources.

Then they selected one article randomly and formed three groups viz. Perpetual Resources, Renewable Resources and Non Renewable Resources, upon guidance from teacher.

Students In Renewable Resources Group.

Students In Non renewable Resources Group.

Students In Perpetual Resources Group.

Returning back to the classroom and excited to see how pupils across the country work on same lesson.

This article is written by Mr. Yubaraj Adhikari, a teacher from Nepal.

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  1. This information helped me to know about the condition of strategies being carried in different parts of Nepal. This kind of programmes must be launched by all the schools of Nepal for giving students quality education.

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