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My Science, Health and Physical Education (Nepali and English Medium) – Grade 4 – by CDC – free PDF Download

We believe that, in years to come, CDC will be introducing new curriculum for grade 4. In that case, too, we will be updating through our website. We will be covering curriculum, textbooks, reference books, educational organisations, teachers, their opinions, lesson plans, news, and even the model questions.

We believe that we are getting popular with our approaches in guiding the teachers, parents, guardians, caretakers, and the students themselves to the right resources, mostly in PDF format. We also firmly believe that we must continue the current spirit in sustained way.

Hence, we will be welcoming contributors to our website. If you want to write with us as edubloggers, please contact us.

As main part of this article / blog, we are hereby legitimately sharing 2 servers because they have kept these textbooks so that Nepal’s textbooks can reach to students amidst this COVID19 pandemic. You will be seamlessly able to download PDF files of textbooks of grade 4My Science, Health and Physical Education. Please note that server of Server 1 responds quite earlier than that of Server 2 – its our experience.

Server 1

{getButton} $text={Download PDF – Nepali Medium (1.7 mb)} $icon={download}

{getButton} $text={Download PDF – English Medium (5.9 mb)} $icon={download}

Server 2

{getButton} $text={Download PDF – Nepali Medium (1.7 mb)} $icon={download}

{getButton} $text={Download PDF – English Medium (6.2 mb)} $icon={download}



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