Government of Nepal has now phased out the old 2072 directive and introduced the new letter grading system 2078. The current notice applies to all grades (grade 1 to grade 10) including grade 11 and grade 12.

According to the new grading system 2078, one credit hour signifies 32 hours of teaching-learning activities conducted by the educational institutions. The pass score is 35. Those who achieve less than 35 will fail in the subject – paper.

However, because of COVID19 situation, government has decided that student can enroll in grade 11 despite grades.

New letter grading system 2078 for grade 1 to grade 12 of Nepal – Scores and Grades

Serial No.Achieved Score (in %)Grade PointGradeExplanation of Grade
190 and more4.0A+Outstanding
280 – less than 903.6AExcellent
370 – less than 803.2B+Very Good
460 – less than 702.8BGood
550 – less than 602.4C+Satisfactory
640 – less than 502.0CAcceptable
735 – less than 401.6DBasic
8less than 35NGNot Graded

New letter grading system 2078 for grade 11 and 12 of Nepal – Theory and Internal / Practical

Various subjects have theory and practical (internal) papers. In such case, the examiners have to calculate the weighted average

Final Grade = Weighted Average Grade of Theory (TH) and INTERNAL (IN)

New letter grading system 2078 for grade 11 and 12 of Nepal – Final GPA

Then it comes to calculate the GPA for the evaluation of the overall outcome for class 11 or 12.

GPA = Σ(Credit Hour * Grade Point)/Total Credit Hour of the Grade

Please, do not confuse with the last word in the above equation. It means either grade 11 or grade 12.

You might need manual calculations in the school. A little more administrative work added right ? Or there can be some software which works for you once you enter the achieved scores – theory and internal. We will let you know if such software exist.

Letter Grading System 2078 – Nirdeshika by Curriculum Development Center

The Curriculum Development Center has issued a directive (nirdeshika) that has to be followed by concerned line agencies in school education sector of Nepal.

The document that we are sharing here includes the first amendment 2078/11/18 BS. You can read the nirdeshika here (or here).

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