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Our Exams Are A Joke

All students are afraid of examinations as they are a stressful experience. But the examinations that I sat for last week were quite different. A week ago, I finished my Master’s first year examinations which were very terrible. The exam environment made me feel as if I was doing class work in my classroom.

The exam centre was in one of the old and well reputed campuses in Kathmandu. Most of the examinees were mature people, and everyone carried their books, guides, solution papers, chits and mobiles into the exam hall. Moreover, no examinee was seated according to the assigned seating plan.

This shows that the campus administration is not strict. What made me depressed was that the invigilators in my examination hall were non-teaching staff of the campus. Instead of supervising the class, they were reading newspapers. In such a situation, will not examinees make use of their books, solution papers, chits and mobiles? Is this the kind of exam environment that an examinee expects? Such an examination system shows what type of manpower is being produced annually by our well known universities.

While there is stiff competition in the job market, universities have been passing their students leniently.

The exam results show that those who labour hard get lower marks and those who cram for the exams by making use of guess papers, solution papers, and guide books have been scoring higher marks. This practice has to be eliminated otherwise it will be a hindrance to educational progress.

I urge the concerned people to conduct examinations in a strict manner so that only hard working and qualified candidates pass them. Otherwise, the overall education system of Nepal will worsen, and the number of students applying for higher studies abroad will swell rapidly. Many Nepali students do not want to earn a degree from Nepal’s universities. Unfortunately, our educationists and concerned authorities have been turning a blind eye to the malaise in the exam system. For instance, a couple of years ago there was an assessment system, so the maximum number of students got first division in the Master’s level. After the system was removed, very few students got first division.

There is injustice between two generations. There is tough competition for jobs. First division certificate holders have a high possibility of getting jobs in comparison to second division holders. Our market is certificate oriented, not quality based. Employers look at the percentage. They lay emphasis on the percentage scored in the Master’s level, but they never consider how the employees have obtained the marks. There are many students who have been victimised by such a system of conducting examinations. Unless and until the examination system is made more stringent, qualified manpower cannot be produced.

source:Limbu, Amar(2011),”Our exams are a joke”, The Kathmandu Post, 7 September 2011

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