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Who we are?
Teacher's Network - Nepal is the informal network of Nepalese teachers, educational institutions' managers, teacher trainees and stakeholders for sharing ideas, views, opportunities, experiences and expertise for overall development of professional performance of the same group of people. We work simply through online and offline networks: blog writing (and commenting), training, workshops, social events and social media (facebook).

TNN started as the informal group of Nepalese teachers in 2009 under the name "Nepalese Teacher Network for Sustainable Education (NTNSE)". We have been organising trainings, workshops, one-day conferences, experience sharing meetings and online blog (http://www.nepaleseteacher.org/) since then. Since 2012, a formal setup named Sustainable Education Group - Nepal have been supporting the network in various aspects. From 5th May 2016, we changed the name of the network to Teacher's Network - Nepal (TNN) keeping with same aim, values, objectives and operational fronts.

I am because we are.
The Ubuntu philosophy, that literally transcends the message "I am because we are" should be the appropriate term to describe us.  We believe that we can enrich ourselves (the nation, the professional society), upon sharing and implementing proven practices in academia. 

We are all equal.
Many Nepalese teachers. teacher trainees and stakeholders have been joining the network. TNN, at present, is equal member based network, where everyone shares equal respect, trust, inspiration and motivation.

TNN could be a platform to cooperate with local and global teachers. TNN seeks enthusiastic online and offline contributions for common objectives of sustainable teachers’- and educational development of Nepal.

Please e-mail to info (at) nepaleseteacher.org for more information.


Akhileshwar Karna
Amar Bahadur Sherma
Amrit Pun
Anushiya Shrestha

Bhavana Sedai
Bhola Dulal 
Bhumika Ghimire

Deepak Chander Ojha 
Dipesh Dulal (founder)
Diplove Gautam

Khem Raj Awasthi

Mahesh Khanal 

Narayan Adhikari
Neha K.C.

Rafael Poudel
Rajendra Kattel
Rupendra Pokharel 
Samita Magar
Shankar Blon
Subash Duwadi 
Subhash Thapa Magar
Suresh Mukhiya
Swarnima KC
Tek Bahadur Bohara
Tilak Bhattarai

Yub Raj Adhikari

To become an engaged, learning and networking teacher; one needs heightened enthusiasm and professionalism. You must have done some action research on your work and would like to share among the wider community. You could have some issues and would like to discuss on those with fellow professionals and stakeholders on education. You would like to share your success stories. You can share the information on opportunities for fellow professionals and enthusiasts. You believe in the power of online social network for transformation of professionals and their professions. If all these represent you, you are the right person we have been looking for welcoming to our expanding network of teachers and professionals in Nepalese education sector.

Your blog and/or article can be on the topics like: classroom management, behavioral change, pedagogy, school management, teacher development, higher education, career opportunities, study opportunities, projects, among many.

Together we coordinate, innovate and celebrate !