📧 Free E-mail Service (yourname@nepaleseteacher.org)

Free E-Mail Service (yourname@nepaleseteacher.org) to Team Edubloggers

We have policy of providing free email service (yourname@nepaleseteacher.org) to our active members, bloggers and volunteers.

1. Use the gmail login window.
2. Enter your email address (yourname@nepaleseteacher.org), then click next button.
3. Enter your password, then click next button.
Terms & Conditions –
  1. Accounts inactive for 1 year and more may be deleted.
  2. We reserve rights regarding email approval requests.
  3. We respect your privacy. No contents of your private email will ever be accessed without your consent.
  4. Nicknames cannot be accepted. Your request must be for accounts with real names of a person.
  5. The service is exclusively for our active members, bloggers and volunteers.

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