Before some years ago, Nepal did not have proper resources for early childhood development (ECD) programs. Gradually, the montessori schools popped out in major cities. 

The existing 0-5 , 0-8, 0-10 or 0-12 schools had kept young kids as young as 3-4 years old in the same premises with older kids and conducted some daily activities upon the plan, rationality of which could be questioned. Those activities would focus on rote-learning.

The montessori schools radiated their positive vibes in many other schools. Now-a-days, many pre-schools or schools also with higher grades have become stringent on the quality of pre-schools or pre-school departments.

PDF Worksheets for Nursery LKG UKG Nepal | Free Download Montessori | Printable ECD WorkBook

The worksheets, plays and methods have become standardised. We are hereby sharing available printable resources and worksheets for pre-school grades of Nepal – nursery, lkg, ukg and other names like jkg, skg, kindergarden-1, kindergarten-2, pre-1, pre-2 etc.

Please find the links to download the printable ECD worksheets in PDF, that is published by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology – Nepal.

Please comment below if any of these links are not taking you to the required resource.{alertInfo}

ECD Worksheets Nepal - MOEST

ECD Worksheets Nepal

Grade: Pre-Primary
Publisher: Ministry of Education, Science and Technology M
Year: 2076 BS
Link: DOE , Alternative Server

Please find the links to download the printable pre-primary worksheets in PDF. These have been generously provided by Green Books.

ECD Worksheets Nepal - Green Books

Nursery / LKG / UKG Worksheets

Grade: Pre-Primary
Publisher: Green Books
Year: NA
Link: Website (currently not working) , Alternative Server

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