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Planning a Lesson for ELT Classes

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 The aims of this lesson plan ( a sample) are as follows: 

  • To make teachers well aware of the aims and language content of the lessons they teach.
  • To help teachers to distinguish the various stages of a lesson, and to see the relationship between them. 
  • To show teachers how to make a simple but effective lesson plan. 

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Lesson 10

Aim                        To practise talking about clothes, materials and colours.

New Vocab         Ajectives: Woollen, Leather, Cotton, Nylon, Velvet, Plastic

Structures           Present Continuous… is/am/are+Ving (Revision)

1.       Review                 Show pictures of clothes. Students (Ss give replies: Coat, Hat, Shirt,

Trousers, Blazers etc.

2.       Presentation     Show objects made of wool, leather, plastic, etc. Present new

adjectives. Write them on the board.

3.       Practice                a) Ss will look at pictures and make sentences, e.g. She is wearing a

green cotton dress.

b) Pairwork:       A: What’s she wearing?

                                B: She is wearing a green cotton dress.

4.       Writing                     1. Write on the board: Last weekend she was wearing…….

Ss write sentences about themselves.

2. Collect about 10 students’ papers. Read them out. Others guess who

wrote them.

5.       Reading              a) Write on the board: Nepal, the US, the Philippines. Ask: Where are

                             they located? What is the climate like? What do people wear there?

                            b) Ss read a text silently, and find answers to guiding questions.

                            c) Ask and answer questions.

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