Private schools: Better?

We are in big illusion that private schools are providing better education than government run schools. Measuring quality is not easy task; learning is not always in direct relation with examination achievement of a person. As a teacher, I see so many ups and downs on marks and his ability in particular topics. Then why we Nepalese are running on result only? To make happy to our donor agencies? Which private organization has own curriculum, own examination system and own way of teaching? No one. Either we are following government rules or adapting international institutions path.
Obviously, SLC and other result of those private schools are better, school teachers are punctual and school environment is well furnished. Only physical presence does not full fill the desire of those small kids. We see, playing in sand is more enjoyable than skipping on red carpet in room for them. Children are happier to run towards dragonfly with thread on its tail than looking Discovery Channel in TV. Let those children to go in Nature as more as possible. Are we looking those things in private school?
We, own named elite, are trying to misapprehension many other Nepalese regarding the concept of Education. We know education is the key of success. After each political change, always one new group of people ups their status and trying to pretend and start their wildness. That is the reason; so many private schools were open after 2046 movement in city area. I know people have right to choose schools for their kids but state cannot be so cruel on these matters. So I have note of descent on government’s way of dealing to government run schools and private schools. This is the problem because of nature of our state.
I suggest to open new private or government schools who can run on sustainable development model, green school model, one skill base model and own curriculum model. Any private school owners are ready to invest on it? Sure, it might not give profit that much, cannot start with one small dark room, cannot manage without giving salaries to staffs. It will be real school, real in the sense of children cognitive development, social development, ethical development and development of natural conservation skills. I know no one present school owners are not ready on it, we need other owners who really loves and believes on education and its power to change the people, belief and emotion toward positive direction.

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