While the actual translation of Nepalese School Safety Responsible has been limited to ‘School Safeguard Contact Person’, the roles encompasses occupational safety of staffs and students while the school days are running. This also includes supervision of safety measures for construction workers /  other workers who work in the school.

Regarding, the prevention of communicable diseases in the school. The responsible person has central coordination role in drafting ‘code of conduct’ or ‘protocols’ in each and every activities till enforcing the same. The leadership should be of course in conjunction with local government’s health responsibles and employed personnels (like nurses and other health workers in the local areas).

The government has directed the school head teachers to appoint, either science teacher, or social studies teacher for the additional responsibility at school. The grey documents behind such provision are “Environmental Management Framework” and “Social Management Framework” at Nepalese schools’ spaces.

The notice can be downloaded from here.

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