You might be wondering how to get your kids engaged with reading and communicating with the world at the same time. Such thought might have been becoming much stronger these days as your beloved ones have been keeping themselves inside the limited premises because of precautionary measures following the spread of the novel corona virus (and its variants) that began worldwide in 2019. Though publisher-printed magazines have different and remarkable value, we can also utilise the online versions of these children magazines as we do not want to compromise our children’s communication with the world’s subjects, in this case – through chinldren’s magazines. India’s LotPot – a kids’ comic based magazine too has been freely available online to read.

Muna Monthly

Muna monthly is one of the oldest monthly children’s magazine of Nepal. It is being published by the state print media of Nepal – Gorkhapatra Sansthan. It is published in Nepali language. Print version definitely has certain degree of freedom and convenience. However, at various circumstances, you might not be able to buy the paper versions from the outlets. 

You can access the e-paper version for free. Please look for e-paper section in the website of Gorkhapatra Online. After that, you can look for the logo of Muna monthly. You can also look for back issues of the magazine by using the archive available on the same page. You can choose to download the magazine in PDF format and print few pages for some other purposes. 

I personally believe that nothing can beat the value of printed magazine that comes in the value chain (from the publishers, through the retailers). Our kids are social beings, they can interact with retailers and have extra opportunity of socialization when they go to buy the magazine from the outlets.

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