Sajha Publication Showroom | My Experiences with Sajha Prakashan Outlet BhrikutiMandap

I encountered Sajha Publication Showroom at Bhrikutimandap in 2019, after I returned to Kathmandu from the West, of course for good.

I have been an avid enthusiast of ‘reading culture’ and ‘spaces for reading’, learned while I lived in the West.

Well, you might welcome a thought here – “This person must be flaunting of his/her life in the West”. To be honest, I must reply- “Yes”! I also add that I find that Nepal has a pathetic reading culture given that we have close to 30 million people. We must acknowledge that we do not have ample reading spaces in our cities, towns and villages.

However spaces like Keshar Mahal library, a billboard displaying the upcoming building of National Library in the then premises of examinations section of the Tribhuvan University at Jamal, and this outlet of Sajha Publications added to my hope.

Sajha Publication Shorwoom that I am talking about lies in the premises of Campus of International Languages (Vishwa Bhaasha Campus), Tribhuvan University, Exhibition Road, Kathmandu. Popularly, this area is also called Bhrikutimandap area.

I decided that I should, at least, try to invoke a reading culture at my home. Hence, whenever I visit the city, I buy books written in Nepali language from this outlet.

This showroom also features few books written in English language. However, Sajha Prakashan (Sajha Publication) has been an exclusive worshipper of Nepali language and literature.

Despite the fact that Nepali is my mother tongue, I have always remained weak at Nepali grammar. Nevertheless, I admire the Nepali language and literature. I feel the rootedness, smell the nation and expect the eternal nationhood with Nepali literature.

So far, I have been completely satisfied with the reading selections that I have brought home. Sajha Publication features written works of Lakshmi Prasad Devkota and B.P. Koirala, among many. I mostly buy children’s books and few selections from myself as well.

The price of the books are not high as they are not mostly hard cover. Believe me or not, I have bought a hard-cover version of a Nepali dictionary (kids’ version) in less than 300 Nepali rupees. Trust me, this dictionary also serves well to the adults.

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