School Education on Radio: COVID19 Approach from Kathmandu Metropolitan City

School going children have been staying at homes because of lock-down and other stringent measures adopted by government of Nepal in order to prevent the spread of novel corona virus that causes the disease called COVID-19. To facilitate the students to begin learning, Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has been running radio classes through its FM station – Metro FM 94.6 MHz. The signal of this FM station can be received in Kathmandu valley and maybe little  farther from the premises of the valley. The classes are for school students of grades 1 to 10 for now. Mayor of KMC Bidhya Sundar Shakya said that said the students studying at 91 community schools, 3 special schools and 643 institutional schools in the metropolis would be directly and indirectly benefited by the radio education program being run by KMC.

IT has come to our knowledge, through informal sources, that the classes will be also kept in Youtube channel as well. We will update about the Youtube channel as soon as we get the information.

We have found the official notice from the KMC and have posted below. The unofficial schedule of classes have also been found (please see below). We suggest that parents and guardians have to help their wards as governments have been trying to approach students and make them continue learning. Now the ball is in your court, tune into 94.6 MHz !!

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  1. Hi Unknown,
    First, you can download textbooks using the website of CDC. Please read this article on how to download those books (

    When you have textbooks in hand, video lectures on youtube channel NCED Virtual can be the best option. (

    If you want to learn from more effective mean, you can try to get enrolled in google classrooms offered by volunteer teachers across Nepal. Our website will try to document such classes.

    Keep learning and stay informed !

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