Teachers Service Commission of Nepal – TSC Nepal (Shikshak Sewa Aayog) has already conducted a round of teacher recruitment in 2078 BS. Earlier, they had published 2078 BS secondary level model questions. We are hereby attempting to compile all objective and subject-based (subjective) model questions for 2079 vacancy as well.

In fact, competitive recruitment consists of 2 written tests followed by the interview. These written tests are general paper (objective questions) and subject-specific paper (subjective questons). It is generally agreed that those who rank higher through the written tests will only sit for the interview.

Finally, the selected candidates will become permanent teachers in the community schools of Nepal. The applications are said to be made only for one province and one subject. At the same time, the competitive processes have provisioned reservations (positions) for marginalised sections of the society. These include women, dalit, madheshi, ethnic groups and indigenous, with physical disability, and from the backward geography.

Teacher Service Commission Nepal Vacancies – Secondary Level – 2079 BS.

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Nepal Secondary Level Vacancies 2078 bs

As mentioned earlier, general paper (100 score) and subject-based papers (100 score) are two written tests required to pass the placement tests. In fact, general paper is popularly called objective questions. Whereas, subject-based papers are popularly called subjective questions. However, the true meaning of the word ‘subjective‘ is quite different. Nevertheless, we have attempted to compile the model questions and syllabus of secondary level general paper and subject-specific papers.

1. Curriculum and Model Questions of Secondary Level General Paper/Objective Questions (Download PDF)

The questions are asked from general knowledge, education, mathematics, and logical thinking. A total of 50 questions with each weighing two scores is asked. The total score is 100. The pass score is 50. The allotted time for the general paper is one hour.

This examination has a negative marking scheme. One negative answer subjects to a reduction of 20 percent of the obtained score. Unattempted answers will not be negatively marked.

The aspirants have to fill up the OMR sheet neatly, completely, and accurately. Please comment below if you need guidance on OMR sheet of Teacher Service Commission of Nepal.

Curriculum of Secondary Level General Paper (Objective Questions)

The paper consists of questions from General Knowledge (20*2=40), Education (12*2=24), General Mental Ability Test (8*2=16), ICT (5*2=10), and Legislation (5*2=10).

Please read the detailed syllabus of objective questions here (or here).

Model Questions of Secondary Level General Paper (Objective Questions)

2. Model Questions and Syllabus/Curriculum (in PDF) of Secondary Level Subject-specific Papers (Subjective Questions) – Teachers Service Commission Nepal (TSC Nepal)

Subjectwise questions are asked for subject-specific paper. A total of 10 comprehensive questions are asked each with a weightage of 10 scores. Hence, the total score is 100. The pass score is 40. The examination duration is 3 hours for subjective paper.

Please see the list of subjects for the syllabus and model questions below. (NOTE: We will keep on updating this page as new papers emerge.)

Other Model Questions | Curriculum | Preparation Materials

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