Teachers’ Woes

“If you beat me, my mum will kill you.”

If you are a teacher, you may have already heard or are likely to hear an aforementioned remark. One of my colleagues once was astounded at the remark of a student in class.

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I find myself in a sea of wonders and in a complete whirl. Are our students forgetting the real meaning of a school and a teacher? When I was back in a school, a school was understood to be a temple of learning and teaching and teachers to be a burning candle. Teachers were put at par with God. On the contrary, a school nowadays has been a dating spot for couples, a ring for quarrelsome pupils and a gossip venue for some teachers.

Infatuation has been one of the rising issues, and discipline a thing of the past and lack of it has only increased the woes of the teachers as well as the school administration.

One of the underlying problems for disciplinary problem is the defiant attitude the students have developed due to the backing of their parents. A parent coming to school to accuse and argue with the school staff is one of the commonest happenings that can be seen in any school office. Often these accusations and arguments take an ugly turn and the school authorities confront with parents’ threats of calling the media to tarnish institution’s image. So it is better to avoid confrontations being tolerant. Once upon a time, fear of corporal punishment was the only effective technique for discipline maintenance, but today the table has been turned. Now it is not students but teachers have to fear students.

At the cutting edge of science and technology, students cannot be deprived of its usage. No matter how often students are warned they turn their deaf ears to it. If students are penalized at the minimum level, parents hasten to create a row over it yet expect their ward/s to perform well in academics and extra-curricular activities. In addition, some students lay emphasis on love letters and pairing a boy off with a girl. They relate their life with a film’s story which doesn’t last more than three hours on a screen.

All sorts of pressure are placed on the teachers and the school authorities to promote the student, and if you do not succumb to this pressure, you are subject to dire consequences. Today the student is very well aware of the fact s/he will not be meted out any forms of physical punishment. Teachers are obligated to abide by rules, whereas parents forget their responsibilities for their wards’ overall development.

Today the classrooms hold only ten percent of scholars. The balance ninety percent are only present in class because they have to be there. They are only existing and contributing to the category for unwilling learners. Parents should have a clear conscience that their blind belief and backing to their offspring is only bringing the axe down on their own feet.

Amar Bahadur Sherma, a Secondary Level English Teacher at GEMS, published on 16 July, 2014, The Himalayan Times

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