Teaching to grow

I wonder what a kid thinks, after looking at their elder brother and sisters in their school at upper classes. One day i will be in class 8,9 and 10. I was always happy when i was passed and was going to a new class, maybe same thing happens here as well. But happiness was just for some while it wouldn’t last even for a week. I was extremely pathetic again the routine of hard work of study started again. It was wonderful that i always was engaged to grow myself to become a good child, student, friend and many more. Today what i wish to teach to my student is to make their feet so strong enough like a root of a tree, so that we could survive in erosion and any kind of life shaking earthquake experiences that occurs in life. I want to teach them to grow like a beautiful tree which is the source of shelter to birds, Shade to passerby and also fruits for all of us. We have to grow, Our stem must be straight like a backbone, Our life must be a source of happiness to every living being. The positive vibe of the happiness must be forwarded to everyone, the ideas are to be created by small brains, so that there would be a proper framework to make it successful in future. Life must be accompanied and i want to give that company that are their expectation. I simply being a teacher want to do justice to them, So that i would not leave any stone unturned from my side that a good teacher is supposed to do.  I want to do this because it is between my students and me and this must help us both. I don’t really care how long it takes but i would like to do it with all the essential  requirements so that it would be more safe and comfortable. The gentle expression of our faces, the gentle heart we have, the generous activities we want to do is surrounded by some extreme limitation and boundaries in schooling environment. Let the body grow, mind grow, heart grow, perception grow, intellectuality  grow, spirit grow and lets make the space around us grow. Let’s break the walls of every school and make it wide open to see, think, feel and learn. This is the reality behind the growth and life.

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