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Rewrite the following sentences using the best option given in the brackets.

a.     Dipesh wants to go to Pokhara ___ the weekend. (at/in/on)

b.     Amar’s friend is ____ MBA. (a/an/the)

c.     Amar saw ______ FM. (a/an/x)

d.     I am a doctor, ___________? (amn’t I/isn’t I/aren’t I)

e.     Everyone knows him, _______________? (doesn’t he/don’t they/does he)

f.      No sooner _____________ his bedroom than an earthquake struck. (had he entered/he had entered/he was entering)

g.     Jarina apologized _____ me for her mistake. (to/for/with)

h.     ____________it rained, we enjoyed the picnic very much. (Much as/ since/ in spite of)

i.      I had a housemaid _______ my room. (to clean/ clean/ cleaned)

j.      He doesn’t play football and _________. (so do they/ neither do they/ also they)

k.     Aayush asked me ___________________________. (what is my hobby/ what my hobby is/ what will my hobby be)

l.      I as well as my relatives _________ going on an excursion to apiary. (is/am/are)

m.   Santosh is angry ______________ my misbehavior. (at/with/about)

n.     Would you mind _____________ politely? (speak/to speak/speaking)

o.     The police inquired of him ___________________. (if he robbed a bank/did he rob a bank/whether was bank robbed)

p.     Safalya is used __________. (to sing/to singing/sang)

q.     Get out, ___________? (don’t you/will you/won’t you)

r.     Let’s sing a song, ____________? (shall we/will you/do we)

s.     Suman seldom eats meat, __________? (doesn’t she/didn’t she/does she)

t.      Each of them ______________. (is playing/are playing/ have been playing)

u.     Ten kilometers ________ a long distance. (is/was/are)

v.     Nimisha scaled _______ Mt Everest twice. (the/a/x)

w.    Stacy lives in _______ Maldives. (x/a/the)

x.     Had I phoned him, he would _________. (come/came/have come)

y.     The reporter and doctor ______ coming to us. (is/am/are)

z.     ____________ is it finished? (Who/By whom/Who by)

aa.  I was seen there________. (x/by someone/by anybody)

bb.  Devyani was accused ______ corruption. (about/of/with)

cc.   Prasir is one of the most hardworking students who always _______ the prize. (win/wins/won)

dd.  __ Man is mortal. (x/a/the)

ee.  Rejish got a cheque ________ five thousand rupees. (of/for/in)

ff.    Do you want to pay _______ cash? (by/in/with)

gg.   Please write answers _______ black ink. (with/in/of)

hh.  Devyani was born ___ 15th Feb 1999. (in/on/at)

ii.       Look! Prakriti ____________________. (was coming/is coming/comes)

jj.      The wealthy ______ money-minded. (is/am/are)

kk.   We went _____________. (to a picnic/on a picnic/upon a picnic)

ll.       Abhiroop bought ____ herb garden. (the/x/an)

mm.                Aayusha has been singing a Bhojpuri son ­­­­­­­­­­___hou­­rs. (since/for/from)

nn.  Sadikshya fancied ____________ Europe. (to fly/ flying/with)

oo.  Mancy walked ______ our classroom. (in/for/into)

pp.  Nabintam will have passed the SLC examination _____ 2071. (on/in/by)


                         Student language: Assessing written work



206, Shanti Marg




12 January 2015


The General Manager

Yeti Airlines



Dearest Sir


With reference in your advertisement which is published in The Himalayan Times in 10th January 2014, I will like to apply for the post with Accountant Officer, as I desire to be employ in a larger firm than that in which I’m working at present.


As regards my qualifications I passed in the SLC Examinations on 2065 BS from Little Angels School Lalitpur. Then I passed in 10+2 in 2067. Finally I passed in BBS in 2070 from the Shankhar Dev Campus Kathmandu.


Since 2068, I have been working as Junior Accountant in  B graded bank, Kathmandu where I’ve had practice and experience in all type of work expected of a accountant. I’m also computer-literate.


I am 25 year old and I enjoy good health. Salary of about Rs 15000 month would induce me to change my present position. My present employers has no objection to my desire to improve my prospects. I’m also enclosing herewith some of my testimonial, which may be of some helps to assess my abilities.


If I am appointed as Accountant, I assure you, Sir, that I will do my bests to satisfy with you with my works and conduct.





Yours sincerely





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