Disclaimer: This list is based on my personal impression of the Blogger themes that I encountered on the internet. I did not look at the cost factor as I believe that professional teachers can easily pay for the premium Blogger themes provided against the payment of fees as low as 7 USD. I, however, looked at other factors like SEO friendliness, visual impression, load time, functionalities and widgets, and space available for advertisement.

Personally, I believe that reading meticulously written blogs and articles with about 9 Google Ads placed at different spaces of the blog posts is just as worthy as columns written in print media. As of 2023, my personal preferences have been bright background, decent colors in the foreground, use of less pixel-clean images, quick loading, responsive, useful functionalities, user engagement (key for edubloggers), equitable spaces for advertisements in tandem with the contents.

Suggestions for getting top blogger themes in 2023

I have edited this blog in 2023 so as to minimize my own effort in finding the best Blogger templates and maximize your chance of getting best Blogger template for your website. Please explore the complete list.

1. ProfilevCard and Goomsite

This absolutely stunning blogger profile is basically designed to bring the viewers to a landing page that showcases the resume of the blogger. The webpage has 4 tabs – about me, resume, blogs, and contact me. It is lightweight, mobile-friendly, fast loading, and has appealing color with effects of coding and few images. You need to know basic HTML to develop your resume from scratch.

With some wonderful skills wheel (loads the skill level in a graphically appealing manner), this theme better suits programmers and web developers. We know that teachers of the post-pandemic world will never turn back learning (basic) coding, and hence might find this theme useful for them to showcase themselves.

Preview Download

Goomsite has been bringing other awesome templates over the years. Keep visiting them.

2. uBook and Sora Templates

uBook theme was actually released back in 2018 by Sora Templates. Hence, it might lack the advantages of dynamic functionalities present in contemporary themes of today. The design that it carries was originally intended to be useful for booksellers or book reviewers. I have also noticed the same template being used by bloggers who share resources like lesson plans and/or other resources apart from books.

It could the book factor and its simple design with fast loading and responsive nature – this theme still stands firmly in the top 10 Blogger themes of my universe.

Preview Download

Sora Templates are also meticulous developers of Blogger themes. I recommend them as well.

3. Webium and El Creative Academy

Do you have friends or a professional network that comprises someone who uses Medium for blogging? At least, I have internalized that Medium is growing as a competent Blogging platform and has gained the reputation of having bloggers with intellectual weight. You might want to give your Blogger-based blog a Mediumish outlook. Then the Webium theme should be for you. Currently, the developers have kept it freely available.

El Creative Academy came to my notice when I encountered an awesome theme called Materia X2. Actually, I tried to put that theme on this list. Currently, it seems like the demo theme is made private for selected people to view. Anyways, Webium is there as their latest launch. They might be developing it further and keeping the price for that version. However, the current version is more than awesome.

Notice! The snippet between the Title of the blog author’s mini profile section (image up).

UPDATE: El Creative Academy is currently redesigning Webium Blogger Template. I will let you know when the update is complete.

Preview Download

4. VTrick Blogger Template

VTrick Blogger Template is one of the most awesome Blogger templates ever available. Educators who also use Youtube can get enormous benefits. The cover image of a YouTube video becomes a featured image of Blogger’s blog post if you embed the video in your blog post.

The animated cards fascinated me. Moreover, the UX is impressive enough for educational bloggers who are looking for a free and yet the most awesome Blogger template.

Demo Download

5. Jet Theme Blogger Template

I would like to iterate that the top three blogger templates in this list are just numbers because I like these equally. Nevertheless, Jet Theme is the most popular Blogger template that is available legally free. It is responsive, SEO-friendly, fast-loading, and with many other features.

Customized Demo of Jet Theme

If you want to customize the JetTheme blogger template, you can visit Bhavana’s Blog. They have detailed guide on downloading and customizing JetTheme Blogger template.

6. GitHub Blogger Templates and GumRoad List

Bhavana’s Blog has suggested with a selected list of Blogger templates in a post about Blogger/Blogspot, free themes and paid themes. There, you can also find a great deal of suggestion on many things related to Blogger/Blogspot including how to get free Blogger templates on GitHub.

You must be feeling great getting close to the most awesome Blogger themes from around the globe. You may also want to read a more updated list of free and premium blogger templates.

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