Tossing to be a teacher

‘Teacher’ sounds normal, the one who teaches; everybody knows it. Once someone said-“Everyone and everything is a teacher”. Sounded normal; so didn’t have any note of decent. I nodded yes. There wasn’t any reason to probe whether it’s true or false; so I agreed.
“Everyone and everything is a teacher”. Why? Now I got a good reason for it.
Being a teacher myself, I feel proud to be called as a teacher but still afraid of not being able to fulfill requisition to be a genuine teacher. I am not teaching my students only the curriculum but also the way I treat people, the way I love people, the way I behave them and the way I speak. My every words count because someone is listening to me, may be trying to improve vocabulary, trying to copy my words. My every activity is being judged and they are likely to be repeated by my learning pupil. The way I walk, clumsy or careful, the way I talk is being imitated. The way I dress is being considered. So, everywhere I am teaching.
I learnt cycling from my friend in an old courtyard of Ason. That was my school and my friend was my teacher.
I learnt to cook food. My mother was a teacher.
I learnt to cry, my pain was my teacher.
May be “Everyone and everything is a teacher”.
When I was a student myself, I often used to learn new words from my teachers using in the classroom. Next day the word would come in my exercise book used in sentences.
I was highly influenced by Albert Einstein. He was my childhood fantasy and idol. I wanted to be a scientist and Albert was the one who inspired me because I thought he is a super genius scientist. I was influenced the way he dressed, the way he kept his hair scruffy and the way he wore unpolished shoes. I copied Albert Einstein, I started to be untidy. I let my hair scruffy, left my shoe unpolished………unfortunately I didn’t become scientist. The mistake I committed was; I didn’t copy the way he devoted his time in thinking, reading, investigating and developing theories. He sacrificed luxury to enlighten himself. He gave mere priority to combing hair, polishing shoes and selecting costumes and devoted his entire life in studies and findings. I copied only the things which he thought useless and time consuming, so I failed.
I myself can be an apt example. This way we learn either good or bad. This selection ultimately leads to success and failure of life.
In order to teach, one should not be a teacher. A dog can teach how to recognize its owner where a son doesn’t recognize his father, mother and let them die in an OLD PEOPLES’ HOME. A five years old cutie can teach you how to be happy with her doll in contrast to all available gadgets and possessions we all are eager to compete, buy and to be a so called HAPPY ONE.
It’s all about leaning which doesn’t have time bound, no age limitation, no gender prejudice and no racial hatred. Learning is free and inevitable.
At the end…………I dedicate this article to my known and unknown teachers, who and which made me able to write this.
Subhash Thapa Magar

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