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UKG PDF WorkSheets for Home Teaching – Abhyas Nepal

BusyBee Pre-school Series are pre-school resources that have been published and provided in the digital archive by Abhyas Nepal as the generous contribution from their end. In this blog, we hereby share the 6 weeks corona project worksheets / workbooks for UKG in PDF format.

We request you to use the box below to get acquainted with the details of the publication and links below to download the UKG worksheets (designed for home teaching because of lockdown measures imposed due to spread of new kind of corona virus) for free, that can be used for home teaching under guidance of parents or caretakers of the toddlers as young as 5 – 6 years old who otherwise would be cheering in their respective kindergartens or preschools.

These resources can be used by Nepali-speaking parents and/or caretakers of toddlers living in the countries like Nepal, India, USA, Australia, UK and other countries to help the 5-6 year olds to become confident in Nepali language and culture.

We will be sharing more ECD (early childhood and development) resources in our website from the various sources.

Please comment below if any of these links are not taking you to the required resource.

Please use the links below to download and use the UKG worksheets in PDF file so that toddlers learning in Nepali contexts catch up their individual learnings rather confidently.

UKG PDF WorkSheets for Home Teaching – Abhyas Nepal

UKG Home Teaching PDF Worksheets - COVID19 Home Teaching WorkBooks

Grade: UKG (5-6 year olds)
Publisher: Abhyas Nepal Educational Foundation
Link(s): Week 1 , Week 2 , Week 3 , Week 4 , Week 5 , Week 6

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