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Use Blogger to make your school’s .edu.np website for free

Yes, it is possible that you can prepare a website for your school at no cost ! Questions remains, how? And I am here to share the strategies for the same.

First, you need to know 2 aspects on Website: webspace and domain address, before starting the little painstaking journey towards creating and managing your school’s website for free !

 1. Webspace: Webspace is the container in the worldwide web, which contains all the contents of your website. Let us say those contents are texts and images. You can also keep videos, PDF files, MS Office files, compressed files, and even program files.But, here we are not making it complex for you.

Using Google’s service called Blogger, you will be able to enjoy the webspace for your school. What you need is a google account with a password. You can make an MoU with the school with details on the google account to be used, people that can post on the website, website in-charge and responsibilities, and so on. We need to make a contract / MoU with the school management because it should be a legal backbone of the project.

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1.1 Login to http://www.blogger.com/ with the google account. If you are new to Blogger, you will be asked to complete the display name and some profile information. You will be taken to the Dashboard.

1.2 Once you are in the Dashboard, click “Create Blog” or “New Blog”.

1.3 Then, you need to provide title of your blog. This is usually the name of your school. This is followed by providing the blogspot address (which is rather confusing and long web address to remember; but a genuine website) – for example: https://myschoolsname.blogspot.com. You will also be provided with choices of themes of the website.

You are always creative to work with the themes and designs of the website later. These features along with many other settings are found in Dashboard of Blogger.

Now, your website is created ! Next is providing the Nepalese way of creating school’s domain address and linking it to Blogger webspace.

2. Getting the domain address (http://www.yourschoolsname.edu.np) for your school: The one and only truth in Nepal for getting FREE domain address (dot np – .np) for personal, educational, organizational, commercial and any other purpose is Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd. They have a dedicated website (http://www.register.com.np/) for the same purpose. You need little technical work and little administrative work (all online) for creating / getting the free .edu.np domain address for your school.

2.1 – Go to https://register.com.np/.

2.2 – Search for the domain (for example: yourschoolsname.edu.np) to see if it is available.

2.3 – If it is available, you can log into the system. If you do not have user account, you can create one and then login.

2.4 – Once are logged in, you are ready to fill up the form to apply for free .np domain registration.

2.5 Put ns19.domaincontrol.com and ns20.domaincontrol.com for primary nameserver and secondary nameserver respectively. This means that you are using Godaddy for hosting your school’s .np domain address which will ultimately link the same with Blogger (see step 3).
2.6 Fill up the administrative contact details and technical contact details as below.

2.7 Click save and continue.

2.8 You then need to attach the required documents (In case of school – school registration certificate issued by the relevant educational authority – mostly department of education). They accept jpg,png,jpeg,gif,svg file extentions with maximum of 800 kilobytes. More details is in their website: https://register.com.np/how-to-register-np-domain 

2.9 Then you need to wait for the approval. You will get email notification when it is done. Expect 2 working days for getting aapproval from Mercantile !

3. Using Godaddy for hosting  and mapping your .np domain address:

3.1 Create a user account with Godaddy (http://www.godaddy.com/) and log in.

3.2 Go to Domain Manager > Add DNS Hosting.

3.3 Fill in with the domain address registered for your school (yourschoolsname.edu.np) by Mercantile.

3.4 Click next

Now, you need to map Godaddy hosted domain address to Blogger, go to step 3.5 for doing this.

3.5 Click Manage DNS for the same domain (yourschoolsname.edu.np)

3.6 Fill up the form as per the requirement set by blogger / google.

Type                 Host        Value                             TTL
A Record           @               30
A Record           @               30
A Record           @               30
A Record           @               30
CName              www       ghs.google.com         Automatic
CName              Two unique codes given to you in your Blogger Setup for third party domains should
                            go in the Host and Value sections with the TTL set to automatic.

4. Registering the .np domain address (yourschoolsname.edu.np) in blogger

4.1 Login to your blogger account.

4.2 Click “settings” and then “basic“.

4.3 Click on “Add a custom domain” under “Blog Address” field in “Publishing” section.

4.4 Type your school’s .np domain address (www.yourschoolsname.edu.np) and click save. (Remember www !) Remember to check the checkbox that says ““.

4.5 You will see 2 CNAME records, which are to be used in Godaddy. Copy these CNAME records.

4.6 Again go to Godaddy > All Domains. You will see three dots (. . .) beside your school’s .np domain name there. Click on the three dots, and then manage DNS. Add new CNAME records as copied from step 4.5

5. Now, you need about 8 hours so that your schools .np domain gets mapped to your blogger.com webspace.

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