Use LinkedIn to make your Resume / CV in PDF format online

If you feel like you only have less than a couple of minutes, please read this article – Easiest method to create CV in PDF using LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn?

How many of you have LinkedIn profile? If yes, have you managed it well so that it speaks truly and succinctly about you? Not only in short, it can speak about you in detail while opening your doors in online professional networking along with what you do in physical-world’s professional life. Saying so, I am not here to apparently claim that having a social networking online profile is almost mandatory for professional growth. I have met much professional people working with social networking profiles just for the institutions, not for themselves as individual people. When we talk about LinkedIn, I have met several people in walks of academic and professional life, who just say that it is awesome to showcase oneself- academically and professionally by getting along with LinkedIn profile and networking online by using it.

How can I handle too many internet profiles?

Before we move further into the topic, I would like to call Nepali teachers to ‘be clear’ that managing too many online social networking profiles could be counter-productive. To some, only a Facebook profile might keep a person hooked up to the screen(s) even throughout the working hours. On the other hand,being really balanced themselves, some other people have well functioning profiles in multiple sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and others. On top of this they have been keeping themselves open to learning and taking part of newer forms of internet wonders in the name of Zoom meetings, Clubhouse meetings, Reddit forums and so on. 

So, I suggest that it needs a plan on how to make use of internet wonders. The plan holds key in professional life more than academic life. If you are making a LinkedIn profile in the professional life, you can (actually you must) still keep information from college life or little back to high school life. You could have taken part in significant social activities, sports, or something remarkable that you might think can appear impressive to make you stand out when compared with other candidates in a competitive environment. Some of you might already know how to prepare a resume / CV in PDF format by  using LinkedIn. Some might feel that this can be just another addictive social networking website. I can hereby say that I can assure you with relative degree of confidence as ‘LinkedIn’ developers have been constantly keeping themselves aware of such problem(s). 

My first impression with LinkedIn generated resume / CV

I had developed a pretty awesome resume / CV for myself when they used to have LinkedInlabs. I was not sure what that was, but it had online tools that could be handy to us in many ways. One of the tools was a resume builder. While writing this blog, I checked it again. Now, the the web-link for the same thing forwards me to LinkedIn Engineering. Perhaps, these are the R&D team of LinkedIn, and resume builder – their innovation !

How to make a resume / CV in PDF format by using LinkedIn?

  1. The first step is quite time-demanding process. You need to put several of information in your LinkedIn profile, once you create the account. Put correct and succinct information about your qualifications right from high school. You can also keep information about certificates that you have achieved – perhaps little information about professional license or social activities during your university days. You do not need to upload the actual certificate or transcript of record – relief na? While the developers do not make it a requirement, it is advisable to put a profile picture with more than 50 percent face cover, uniform background. Company profile pictures suit better for LinkedIn than the ones used for passport or visa.
  2. After you are all set and have become confident after finalising with step 1, visit your own profile page.
  3. Click the ‘More’ button that is mostly visible in your contact card, just below your profile picture.
  4. From the drop-down menu, click ‘Build a resume’.
  5. A pop-up message-box appears, click ‘Create from profile’
  6. In next message box, you can put in ‘Desired job title’; or you can skip this.
  7. You will be taken to an ‘User Interface Window’ where you can edit your resume / CV that brings in database from your LinkedIn profile. You can edit the details on every sections – , summary, experience, education, licenses and certifications, skills, and finally – honours and awards.
  8. When you are done with editing the details, scroll to- and look at the top right corner of your window. Click on the button ‘More’ that drops a menu down.
  9. Click ‘Download as PDF’ – you have done it ! Now, find your resume / CV as a PDF file in the default download folder for the web-browser you have used.


As for now, the LinkedIn mas made it clear that the tool is only available in desktop sessions of LinkedIn, not in other devices.

Bonus Info

I would naturally not keep inaccurate, and incomplete information in my main LinkedIn profile. Hence, I would not need to edit almost all components in the ‘interface window’ of resume builder/editor mentioned in step 7 (see above). Every profile edits (in main Profile page) would appear in resume builder/editor. However, the edits made in resume builder/editor does not appear in main Profile page.

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