The first article among the blog series of promotin reading culture in Nepal- is hereby on Kaiser Library, located in Kaiser Mahal, Kathmandu. This premises is popularly known as Keshar Mahal.

Kaiser Library Complex
Keshar Mahal Premises

Kaiser Mahal has been the most common tongue for a common commuter in Kathmandu, where almost every Kathmanduites has to pass through the roads – Tridevi Sadak and Kantipath, at least through the crossing. Just by the crossing of these two roads lies a government’s complex named Kaiser Mahal that previously hosted Ministry of Education and Sports, and Nepal National Commission for UNESCO. This complex offers quite spacious arena, now hosting Kaiser Library, ‘No Objection Letter section’ of Ministry of Education and Office for Visit Nepal Year 2020. The greenery in the premises take you to a surprise, offering immediate relief with its serenity; a good way out from the chaos of the city once you enter the complex. The complex shares its boundary with Garden of Dreams, one of the most popular historical gardens of Kathmandu.

Kaiser Library

The old building in which the Kaiser Library is located, has been partly damaged by the earthquake of April – May 2015. Hence, the library of bigger selections in the past has now been limited to a corner of ground floor of the building. Many other parts of the building has no entry zones. The makeshift toilets for the visitors of the complex remain in pathetic situation, however with supply of water. Since, the complex has wider space; one can easily find ample space for parking of vehicles.

The Purpose of your visit to this library should basically be utilise public space for reading. Most specifically, such places are very important if you have been pursuing your study programme in distance mode. Finding a quiet and resourceful public space has been one of the most important academic concern of Kathmanduites.

Despite all the odds, the resources available inside the library can be much helpful in your studies. The library is of course a non-membership based open library. We can not burrow the books and other resources, but can read there. The library offers free Wi-Fi as well. There are chairs and tables for quiet reading. If you get yourself well acquainted with co readers, one can make new academic friends as well.

Kaiser Library Complex

The complex has Kathmandu style cafeteria. The library itself offers free drinking water from its dispenser. If Kathmandu does not surprise you, the facilities of this library do not either. However, its worth putting thumbs up because this library has been surviving and running in such rapidly changing Kathmandu, and in the world of algorithms, media bias and sheer number of disturbed youths.

The library’s website is

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