What does sustainability mean to me?

” Mr Awasthi, if you are a teacher teach your students, if you are a messenger message your listener, if you are a researcher research on and make the clear understanding of your academia, if you are a farmer practice in your farm and teach to your father, if you are only an organism with understanding capacity please just conceptualize the interlinked meaning of Plant (Biruwa) and Element (Tatwo) then make the situation to return the element that you have used to the ‘all in all’ plant which is truly the state of sustainability”……… Dr. Madan Rai, 2014-11-15
As the guiding instructions by above personality, I am curious to the educational sustainability. I never forget the terms like “improve your personality from your locality” and there I see the global meaning in my local culture, local products, concepts and beliefs.It is really questionable that why do we forget our identity and meaning that coves multiple global concepts. I began my blogs to express my local and personal experiences to be discussed in and among the global thoughts that meets to educational sustainability.

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