Which Words Describe You?


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  • adventurous                always ready to try different and exciting things, even if they are                                          dangerous
  • aesthetic                      appreciating beauty and beautiful things
  • amiable                       friendly, inspiring
  • ardent                          enthusiastic, showing strong feeling
  • articulate                     able to express ideas clearly
  • artistic                          good at painting and drawing, and at making and designing                                             things using your skills and imagination
  • bashful                         easily shy and embarrassed, unconfident
  • comical                       looking funny
  • conceited                    too confident about your own abilities and achievements, in a                                            way that annoys people
  • crafty                           clever at getting what you want,                                                                                            especially by deceiving people
  • critical                          who always says negative things about other people’s work or                                            things they do and say
  • decent                         looking honest or well-cultured
  • delicate                       becoming ill easily, not strong
  • differently-abled          physically challenged
  • down                           sad, depressed
  • dressy                           fond of special dress
  • eccentric                     behaving in a strange and unusual way
  • errant                           behaving in a bad, irresponsible way
  • erudite                         showing deep knowledge and learning
  • Eyeful                           remarkable, attractive person
  • featherweight              very light in terms of weight
  • frenetic                        fast or energetic in a wild way
  • fussy                             difficult to please because they only like a few things and will only                                       accept exactly what  they want
  • generous                     ready to give freely or giving
  • good-looking              handsome
  • haughty                       showing that you are better or important than other people
  • hearing-impaired         who cannot hear or hear well
  • hen-pecked                 afraid of wife (a husband)
  • hypocrite                     who says one thing and does something else
  • indecisive                    not good at making  decisions quickly and keeps changing their                                         mind
  • lenient                          not severe, especially in punishing people
  • loyal                            always ready to help and support your                                                                                  friend
  • materialistic                 thinking that money and possessions are more important than                                              anything else
  • meek                           very quiet and gentle and unwilling to argue or express an opinion
  • mischievous                 (child) showing  a playful desire to cause trouble
  • modest                        doesn’t talk in a proud way about your success and skills
  • moody                         often getting angry or annoyed
  • nominal                       existing in name only
  • nosy                             always trying to find out private things about other people
  • stoical                          tolerant of every pain, torture
  • stunning                       (a woman) extremely beautiful and sexually attractive
  • meticulous                   is very careful about every small detail
  • nasty                            deliberately unkind
  • observant                    good or quick at noticing things
  • offhand                       not giving people much attention when you are talking to   them,                                       so you are always well prepared
  • officious                       who always butters up to earn others’ approval
  • organized                    good at organizing your life and making plans
  • outspoken                   expressing an opinion without worrying about what other     people                                     think
  • passionate                   has strong sexual desire or romantic feelings
  • pigheaded                  refusing to change your opinion or the way   you are doing                                                             something although it would be better if you did
  • pompous                     who try to sound important by using very long and formal words
  • preoccupied               thinking or worrying about something a lot
  • promising                     who is likely to be very successful in the future           
  • querulous                     often complaining unnecessarily
  • receptive                     willing to think about and accept new ideas
  • responsive                   responding with interest or enthusiasm
  • ruthless                         so determined to get what you want that you do not care how                                            much other people suffer
  • reckless                        behaving in an irresponsible or dangerous way, and not caring                                           whether  you harm yourself or other people
  • sharp-tongued saying unkind things to others
  • sharp-witted                 able to think and react quickly
  • sloppy                          careless
  • slow-witted                  not good at understanding
  • sensible                        always behaving in a responsible way, making good decisions,                                           and not doing anything stupid or risky
  • snobbish                      think that they are better than people from lower social        class
  • sociable                       enjoys being with people and meeting new   people
  • soft-spoken                  having a quiet, gentle voice
  • standoffish                   cold and distant in manner or behavior
  • sympathetic                 ready to try to understand people’s problems and to help    them if                                     you can
  • telepathic                    who has the ability to know what will happen in the future
  • vain                             very proud of yourself, especially because you think that you look                                       very attractive or beautiful
  • visually-impaired         not able to see or see well
  • voluptuous                  a woman having large breasts
  • warm-hearted              kind, friendly and sympathetic
  • witty                             always says clever and amusing things




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