Youtube Tutorial from Tarakeshwor Municipality, Kathmandu

Parents, stakeholders and those who have been putting their interest on school going children, their development, and education sector as general interest, have been pondering a lot because of the situation brought about by the global pandemic of the disease called COVID-19. The disease caused by apparently highly infectious novel corona virus 2019 has not been much lethal in terms of proportion of death rates. However, the capacities of the best healthcare systems in the world can not provide to those who need; since highly contagious nature of this virus brings unprecedented number of seriously ill people to health care centers.
Hence, as a measure of preventing the spread of the virus, many countries have imposed general lockdown. Even if the measures have been gradually eased off, indoor environments like public transportation and schools in Nepal have to remain closed. However, the school classes have to be resumed through any possible means. For this, central government has directed schools and local government to offer what can be done from their best of the capacities.
In such spirit, Tarakeshwor Municipality of Kathmandu has started a Youtube Channel (link below) that contains pre recorded video lectures aiming that students can learn something watching those videos.

Please click here to visit Youtube channel containing the video lectures.

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